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About Us

My Local Health is an innovative, online portal dedicated to connecting the community with a diverse array of local health care, wellness and fitness providers, as well as providing activities, specialist knowledge and inspiration to encourage people to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

At My Local Health, we strive to create a healthier community by working collaboratively across a wide spectrum of health and wellness industries to educate locals to take charge of their own health for an improved lifestyle.

We also offer a place for healthcare providers to connect with other providers by providing a user-friendly space where they can share professional insights and industry information to help promote health and wellbeing to the wider community.


The online directory will help you find health and wellness providers near you


The articles will provide a platform to improve your knowledge in health

Health Events

Healthy activities will be promoted across the region so that you can find exercise options that suit your needs


At out expos, you can showcase all opportunities available to you

Meet Camilla Thompson

Owner and founder of My Local Health

My Local Health was founded by Camilla Thompson in July 2021 – because she wanted to help people improve their health and wellbeing. Camilla came from Sweden to do a research project in 2006 and was meant to stay for 6 months, however she instantly fell in love with the country and its people and made a home in Redcliffe, where she now lives with her husband, her two kids, dog and cat.

With a background in pharmacy, a PhD in medical research and years of experience in management and support, Camilla has a passion for health, wellness and fitness. She wants to give back to the community who took her in and supported her and creating a home for her.

It is her mission to improve the health of the local community tailored to each person’s individual needs and expectations by working collaboratively with local health care providers.

Camilla Thompson founder of My Local Health

What Does My Local Health Offer?

Community Services

Connecting you with health care, advice and activities

Our online portal keeps the community connected with experts who can help with all aspects of health and wellness.

Whether you need a medical specialist, assistance with weight loss, skin care and cosmetic procedures, allied health professionals, general health, specialised health care for every member of the family, mental health, fitness and sports, chronic disease and rehabilitation, and wellness, My Local Health is the ideal place to find the right practitioner for help, treatment, support and advice.

We also offer education on a wide range of topics that aim to improve community health outcomes with our regularly updated blogs, articles and information sessions.

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My Local Health’s events promote healthy activities in the community such as sport and fitness expos, and we showcase the latest in health and wellness news and services through our expos and community events.

My Local Health offers a range of Community Services
health provider services

Health Provider Services

Helping you thrive through connection, education and growth

We coordinate monthly professional development opportunities, presented by other health and wellness providers or supporting services, such as lawyers, accountants, financial planners and business coaches, and provide a place for the health and wellness community to connect.

My Local Health invites practitioners to share their knowledge by posting up-to-date articles and holding information sessions for the community and other health and wellness providers. Our practitioners also have access to business growth opportunities, with access to their own listing in the directory, and advertising opportunities.

Our services include:

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